Our services

We are experts in explicit and implicit methods and have extensive experience in the area of qualitative market research. Our partnership with leading national and international field organizations allows management consult to offer you the complete spectrum of data collection methods. World-wide, we perform more than 1,300,000 interviews a year (CATI, CAWI, CAPI, F2F, written, groups).

mac/loyalty mac/loyalty
Find out what makes customers loyal
mac/delight mac/delight
Find out what really delights customers
mac/brand mac/brand
Find out what is essential to the brand
Find out what tomorrow's customers want
mac/media pretest
Find out whether the message is being received
mac/media adtracker
Find out whether the advertising works
Find out where the ideal price lies
Find out what really drives customers
Find out what customers value
Find out what drives your key performance indicators
Generate knowledge from customer communication
Knowing, how to optimize profits segment specifically
Find out how to optimize services
Find out how to look deeply into the mind of the consumer 
Find out how customers think
mac/nps 2.0
Knowing, how to shift detractors to Promoters 
Knowing where the journey will go to
Find out how excited by customer experiences
mac/adhoc research
Customized solutions

management consult has always thought in terms of marketing and it is with good reason that we feel that this philosophy best meets our special responsibility towards our customers!

management consult also delivers tailor-made and efficient solutions for your questions: from acceptance / pricing tests and conjoint analyses to image, brand, and customer loyalty studies to potential analyses and communication tracking.