Highest standards for methods and procedures

Regarding methods and procedures we follow the latest developments concerning statistics and work with diverse software packages to ideally implement innovative analysis methods. Furthermore, we monitor psychological and social science research and use current testing procedure to reliably as well as validly measure attitudes, needs and satisfaction of the customers. Every project is methodically individually managed – at that, we willingly break new ground.

Concise and plausible management presentations

When it comes to interpreting the findings, numbers and one-dimensional charts alone will not do. The look of all MAC analysis tools gives you a sophisticated presentation quality, a high degree of differentiation, and pointed, multidimensional expressive power. We pinpoint the facts in complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Focus on the essential

We feel that it is essential to develop and analyze client-specific studies. Instead of maintaining our own call centers and interview capacities, we cooperate with leading national and international field organizations in the collection of primary data - of course exclusively with companies that fulfill the ESOMAR, BVM, and ADM quality standards and meet our high equipment standards. We believe that modern CAPI and CATI equipment, binding QM manuals, and numerous internal agreements are an essential component of efficient data collection and expect our partners to share this view. We also insist that companies we work with perform personal interviewer briefings, regular status reports, consistency checks, and internal controls.