mac/nps 2.0 - Knowing, how to shift detractors to promoters

NPS management with system

The NPS (net promoter score) celebrates its triumphant sweep in countless companies. The NPS is not only an index reflecting the willingness to recommend and thereby the customer loyalty - rather it is a strategic element, because every business decision should lead to an improved score in the medium term. Currently there is no valid driver model explaining and managing the NPS. Mac/nps closes the gab with an innovative approach.

Your benefits

  • Empirically validated methodological approach for explanation and management of NPS
  • Separate calculation of driver impacts for promoters, passives and detractors
  • Churn prediction
  • Impact analyses of customer loyalty instruments
  • Efficiency analyses of marketing instruments
  • Specific recommendations to achieve a shift of types (from detractors to passives and finally to Promoters)