mac/implicit - Find out what really drives customers

Take a look inside the brain of your target group

Consumer behavior is controlled by a complex interaction of reflected and unreflected processes. Our brain does not cognitively process the majority of the stimuli to which we are exposed on a daily basis. However, they still can significantly affect our behavior. Not only do we study unreflected processes, motives, or emotions with qualitative, depth psychology research but we also measure them quantitatively using mac/implicit.

Your benefits

  • Quantification of unreflected processes, motives, attitudes etc.
  • Prevention of strategic reply behavior
  • Inclusion of implicit elements in classical studies
  • Possibility to combine implicitly and explicitly measured constructs (e.g. driver analyses, factor analyses, MDS)
  • Can be implemented using CAWI, CAPI, visible hybrid interviews and for the first time also using CATI